Knitting needles


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Knitting needles in metal, aluminium, plastic and wood.

Pair of knitting needles in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Best for back-and-forth knitting. Single pointed needles are turned at the end of each row. They are called single pointed because they have a tapered point on one end and stopper on the other end.

For knitters who like to rest a needle against their body while knitting, single pointed needles are the only option. These needles are perfect for flat knitting.

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0,75mm, 1,0mm, 1,25mm, 1,5mm, 1,75mm, 10,0mm, 12,0mm, 15,0mm, 2,0mm, 2,5mm, 20,0mm, 25,0mm, 3,0mm, 3,5mm, 4,0mm, 4,5mm, 5,0mm, 5,5mm, 6,0mm, 6,5mm, 7,0mm, 8,0mm, 9,0mm, Any


35cm, 40cm, Any


Aluminium, Any, Bamboo, Metal, Plastic, Wood


Addi, Any, Katia, KnitPro, Milward, Pony, Sandnesgarn