Tynn Merinoull


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Sandnes Garn TYNN MERINOULL contains 100% merino wool. Our beautiful soft merino wool is super wash treated to be suitable for baby and children’s garments.

Wash separately
Meters per ball = 175

You can use these alternatives instead of Tynn Merinoull. Just remember to check the lenght of the yarn.
Mandarin PetitBabyull LanettMini AlpakkaAlpakka SilkeSisuTynn Line

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1001 White, 1002 Whitish, 1055 Soft dark grey, 1099 Black, 2102 Yellow, 3525 Orange, 3834 Light terracotta, 4035 Warm terracotta, 4219 Dark red, 5042 Dusted purple, 6052 Jeans blue, 6063 Ink blue, 6071 Blue grey, 6543 Dusty turquise, 6562 Blue grey mix, 8543 Green, 9551 Dusty moss green