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Sandnes Garn SMART contains 100% wool. Superwash treated so that it is suitable for active children and adults. The soft, comfortable quality holds up very well through washing and use.

Wash separately.
Meters pr ball = 100

You can use these alternatives instead of Smart. Just remember to check the lenght of the yarn.
AlpakkaDuoMerinoullPerfectKlompelompe SpøtPeer Gynt

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1002 Whitish, 1053 Soft dark grey, 2544 Burnt yellow-brown, 3846 Soft terracotta, 4036 Burnt terracotta, 4219 Dark red, 4544 Rhododendron, 5052 Dusted purple, 5575 Marine, 5846 Blue-violet, 6072 Soft blue gray, 6324 Soft blue, 6531 Ice blue, 7243 Dusted green, 7721 Light sea green, 8215 Green, 8264 Green

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