Mini Alpakka

Mini Alpakka


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Sandnes Garn MINI ALPAKKA Contains 100% pure alpaca for those that require only the best quality! Extremely soft and comfortable! Alpakka is the most insulating yarn we have in our assortment.

Wash separately
Meters pr ball = 150

You can use these alternatives instead of Mini Alpakka. Just remember to check the lenght of the yarn.
Mandarin PetitBabyull LanettAlpakka SilkeTynn MerinoullSisuTynn Line

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1001 White, 1032 Soft light grey, 1053 Soft dark grey, 1088 Dark grey, 2035 Ocher, 2173 Mix symphony, 2315 Yellow, 2337 Golden ocher, 2355 Ocher, 3355 Rust, 3834 Light terracotta, 4109 Red, 4207 Coral, 4219 Dark red, 4351 Taupe, 4554 Plum, 4644 Plum, 4663 Dark purple, 4715 Pink, 4853 Heather, 5575 Marine, 5834 Lavender, 6511 Light blue, 6572 Soft dark blue, 9521 Dusty pistachio, 9554 Olive green, 9573 Moss green

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