Accessories and Tools




Accessories and Tools

Good aids from the largest producers of knitting yarn in Europe.
Necessities that make your needlework a breeze.

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Addi 9909130 stitch holder, Addi Needle Gauge, Digital row counter, Katia 7095 Needle stoppers, Katia 7103 stitch markers, Katia 7730 stitch holder, Katia 7741 wool needles, Katia 7743 yarn needles, Katia 7750 Cable needles, Pony 60610 Cable stitch needles, Pony 60615 stitch holder, Pony 60643 wool needles, SeeMe 0,35mm/50m, SeeMe 0,8mm/25m, Thread & Yarn Cutter, Katia 7359 Keychain, Prym 611868